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Nov. 11th, 2014

rising moon

coming home.

just a drabble I wrote while trying to get into key's head. i must admit, out of all the kpop-dols, key is my favorite. he was also one of two korean artists who caught my eye first, years back (jaejoong was the other).


A well-built, dark-haired young man approaches an apartment complex. His outfit is stylish, clearly the result of time carefully put into dressing himself before a mirror this morning. He keys in the passcode and waits for the enormous frosted glass door to slide right. He pads lightly up one, two, three flights of stairs and reaches his door, number 305. Another code punched in, followed by a pleasant sounding confirmation "ding". His bags are dropped in the entry way, and his shoes kicked off to be replaced by cheetah print house slippers. Two tiny, wirey-haired dogs (they look like miniature poodles) begin dancing and yipping around his feet. Clearly it's dinner time for more than one occupant of the apartment.
"Calm down, calm down puppies! Ya, Comme Des, no biting my slippers!" His words hold no fire and all affection, and they know it. Key could come home to chewed up shoes or his beloved deep-pile white shag rug ruined and he'd still have a hard time not scooping them up and showering them with kisses. These two little dogs, one a honey brown, one a charcoal black, add a bit of joy back into his stressful, rushed, strange life.
Being an international K-Pop "idol" has it's perks no doubt. Key has never complained for lack of fashionable clothes, shoes or accessories. He's never had to worry about having enough to eat, or where he was going to sleep, or whether he'd be able to provide for his parents. No, signing up at the early age of __teen years old with SM Entertainment took care of all that. "We'll take care of everything else, you just practice practice practice." Practicing, sleeping, eating, promoting, practicing more, promoting, radio shows, practicing, repeat repeat repeat became his new life. The new normal for Kim Kibum.
But despite how glowing and grand and sparkling an existence being a part of SHINee has been, there are stil some things to be missed. Like love, a partner, a private family life. Unfortunately, being a superstar idol doesn't afford Key much privacy to pursue finding a mate to spend time with, fall in love with, or settle down with. His contract, all of their contracts, ensure that the management can be sure that Key, Minho, Onew, Jonghyun, and Taemin are going to remain discreet, hard-working, healthy, focused k-pop idols for...years to come.
Key is wondering, when will it end? And does he want it to end, if he's really honest with himself?
Who would he be if not for SHINee's Sparkling Key?
Sitting slunched down on their blocky leather couch in their dimly lit living room, he breathes deeply in, and lets the air out slowly. He scratches his puppies heads as they rest their faces on his legs. He listens to the clock in the kitchen and it's echoing tick-tock's making their way down the hall.
Key even turns and looks out the floor to ceiling window of their shared apartment, where he can see the orange glow of the sodium street lamps, and just beyond the glimmers of Seoul in all it's night glory.
It's too much. It's perfect. It simultaneously very much is and very much isn't what he ever wanted for himself.
And that's alright.

a/n -thanks for reading. i know this isn't usually anything like what most fanfic readers are looking for but, i don't care too much about that. i want to write to give them better names, make them proud, make others think. not make them blush, or be angry that their fans are weird or creepy.
does that make any sense lol? idk.

Nov. 22nd, 2013

You're My Favorite Body (Pillow)

Title: "You're My Favorite Body (Pillow)"
Group: NU'EST
Pairing: BaekRen (Baekho / Ren)
Description: Sometimes you're just being nice for a friend. And sometimes you get tricked into doing something you really didn't want to by said friend. This seems to happen to Ren a lot...


nighttime, 11:21 pm

It starts with annoying, incessant knocking and  "Rennnn, come onnn... let me in!"

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Sep. 12th, 2013

Sleeping Buddies

title: "sleeping buddies"
rating: g-pg
band: nu'est
pairing: jren, jr/ren

   Sometimes one of the other members would look into their room in the mornings, and see a little blonde head tucked into an older, brunette’s shoulder, sleeping rather soundly. It was cute. Ren and JR loved to cuddle, that much was clear, and they used the fact they had a big bed and a room to themselves to their advantage.

That was cool, it was okay.
Everyone knows JR-hyung loves skinship.
(Ren not so much, but for JR, he’s always made a few allowances.)
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Mar. 15th, 2013

rising moon

{intro to self}

Not sure if anyone is going to be reading this but hi! I like to call myself Wren and I love to read and write fantasy.
Soo.... that's what I'll be posting here. ^·^

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Honoré : Introduction

It is everywhere. In the creases of my ears, in my eyes, in my mouth between my teeth and tongue. I can feel the wet gritty sand crawling up the sides of my face and clinging to my toes.

The Sun is burning the top of my head and the wind is whipping strands of my hair around violently. As I lift my head to look around all I can see is pale yellow sand, bright and expansive, stretching for what seems like miles.

I've never seen so much sand in my life.

And somehow (I didn't notice it before strangely) but just behind me there's an ocean.

I can hear the waves roaring and laughing just a few yards away from me. As I slowly, painfully turn myself over to sit up I'm blinded by the Sun's white hot glare. The light is fierce and the wind unrelenting. I grab flyaway strands of hair and hold them onto my head, blocking the Sun out with my hands.

Staring at the testy blue waves, I realize something... and it comes as a shock. Rather like a slap to the face.

Not only do I have no idea where I am,
but I have no idea how I got here either.

[And so begins my story. Much, much more to come..]